Royal Navy


Do You Think Like A WEO?
The Royal Navy needed to recruit more Weapons Engineer Officers. Engineers love problem solving and the best ones won’t stop until its solved.

Our idea was to create a challenge for Engineering students around university campuses that will help them self identify as having the right attributes to be a Royal Navy Weapons Engineer.

Designer: Paul Bedford

Step 1. Each Engineering student across selected Universities were given a dossier by the course tutor.

Step 2. Decode the information presented to them.

Step 3: Find the remaining information around campus using the hidden map coordinates in the dossier.

Step 4: Figure out that the abstract images are related to Instagram and that they need to be uploaded onto that platform.

Step 5: Arrange the images in the grid to form a message.

Step 6: Identify that you think like a @rn_weo. Follow the page to find out about the role.

phonehand1 (1).jpg
WEO GIFF 2.gif
WEO GIFF 5.gif
WEO GIFF 3.gif
WEO GIF1.gif